Towards reaching our desired mission, we have been working since 1998 in seven thematic areas. The thematic areas are inter-related and highly related with the lives and livelihoods of coastal people. The thematic areas are: (i) Agriculture & Livelihoods (ii) Climate Catastrophe (iii) Environment and Forest (iv) Health & Population (v) Humanitarian Response (vi) Socioeconomic Justice and (vii) Water Management. You may visit programmes under each thematic area:

1. AGRICULTURE & LIVELIHOODS: (a) Rural Livelihood Fair (b) Agricultural Input Monitoring (c) Women Farmers' Recognition

2. CLIMATE CATASTROPHE: (a) Carbon Finance Monitoring (b) Climate Change Adaptation (c) Climate Finance Tracking (d) Climate Justice Week (e) Community Level Mitigation (f) Rights of Climate Migrants

3. ENVIRONMENT & FOREST: (a) Mangrove Club (b) Forest and Marine Pollution (c) Forest Peoples Cooperatives (d) Forest Peoples Recognition (e) Mangrove Afforestation (f) Marvellous Mangroves Curriculum (g) Participatory Forest Management (h) Sundarbans Watch Group and (i) Mangrove Resource Centre

4. HEALTH AND POPULATION: (a) Activating local government for Community Health (b) Incorporating Reproductive Health in Adaptation Plan

5. HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE: (a) Food Support as an Emergency Response (b) Humanitarian Advocacy to reduce sufferings and recover normal life

6. SOCIOECONOMIC JUSTICE: (a) ADB Interventions Monitoring (b) World Bank Project Monitoring (c) WTO Monitoring (d) National Budget Tracking

7. WATER GOVERNANCE: (a) Common Water Bodies Campaign (b) Anti Water Logging Campaign (c) World Water Day Observation